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VetBioTek BioCalm Spray 2 oz MODSMNLID
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STOP THE ITCH – VetBiotek BioCalm Spray helps relieve itching in dogs with skin allergies or itchy skin.EASY TO USE: This soothing BioCalm Spray can be applied directly to itchy areas or lesions as needed to provide immediate relief of your dog’s itching and pain. The unique Pemulen and Glycofilm also work synergistically to create a protective film barrier over itchy skin and lesions.GREAT FOR PETS THAT DON’T LIKE BATHS – This Spray is easy to apply and does not require rinsing, making it a great way to clean your pet if they don’t like water/baths or you live in a cold climate.RESTORE THE SKIN BARRIER – VetBiotek BioCalm Spray features Ceramide III to help promote healthy skin in your pet.CONTAINS REVOLUTIONARY MICROSILVER BG - MicroSilver BG is a proprietary ingredient that helps control bacteria, yeast, and biofilm in your pet’s skin.STEROID-FREE ITCH RELIEF – VetBiotek BioCalm Spray features fast-acting ingredients to relieve pain and itching without the use of harmful steroids.RECOMMENDED BY LEADING VETERINARY DERMATOLOGISTS – VetBiotek’s innovative line of products featuring advanced MicroSilver BG are recommended significantly more often than competitive products.QUALITY ASSURED and MADE IN THE USA: This Calming Spray for Dogs Only is made with premium ingredients and do not contain harmful chemicals. VetBiotek products are produced in the USA to ensure their quality in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices.

VetBiotek BioCalm Spray is a soothing and calming spray to help relieve hot spots and skin irritations in dogs. BioCalm Spray can be sprayed on the itchy areas of your dog as needed, including directly on lesions. BioCalm Spray is effective without bathing, and helps provide long lasting calming benefits for your pet’s itchy skin. BioCalm Spray features lidocaine to help provide temporary relief from pain and itching caused by your dog’s itchy skin. BioCalm Spray is a topical treatment for itch, and uses Ceramide III to help strengthen and nourish your dog’s skin barrier. BioCalm Spray utilizes Pemulen and Glycofilm, which provide immediate itch relief and create a protective film over lesions. Combining the unique powers of MicroSilver BG, VetBiotek BioCalm Spray is the most comprehensive calming spray available to help pets relieve their irritating itch and restore a healthy skin and coat. Treating itchy skin is very important to improve your pet’s health and quality of life, and BioCalm Spray from VetBiotek is the solution to help your pet.
NOTE: THIS SPRAY CAN ONLY BE USED ON DOGS. Do not use this Spray on cats.

VetBioTek BioCalm Spray 2 oz MODSMNLID