10-Pack NiMH AA 300mAh 1.2Volt Rechargeable Batteries JPLDNYHLO

10-Pack NiMH AA 300mAh 1.2Volt Rechargeable Batteries JPLDNYHLO

10-Pack NiMH AA 300mAh 1.2Volt Rechargeable Batteries JPLDNYHLO

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Voltage - 12V / Capacity - 3500mAh / Wattage - 42Wh / Battery Type - Ni-MH / Condition - Brand New / Color - Black+Red / Quantity - 1 PcsCompare with the low capacity batteries, 3500mAh high capacity can provide much more power and much more runtime within one full charge.Made by high quality battery cells, eco-friendly, efficiently, stable and endurable. Almost no memory effect, can be charged or discharged as needed.100% brand new prefessional replacement battery, perfectly fit the internal configuration of the power tools, working as well as the original battery.CE, FCC, RoHS certified. Successfully passed the test of over charge, over discharge, short circuit, high temperature, high humidity, internal overheating.

1. Ni-MH battery is much more eco-friendly then Ni-CD battery, make no pollution to the environment.
2. The memory effect of Ni-MH battery is much smaller then Ni-CD battery, almost no memory effect.
3. Ni-MH battery’s lifetime is longer then Ni-CD battery.

Replace for:
Ridgid 130252002,
AEG:4932352532,4932 3525 32,4932 3996 96,4932 3996 97,4932 3996 98,4932352532,4932399696,4932399697,4932399698

Compatible With:
Ridgid 12V Power Tools
AEG:B1214G B1215R B1220R

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1 x Replacement Battery

1. Please don’t store the batteries for a long time, it need to be used at least once a month.
2. If it’s necessary, please using a cotton swab with alcohol to clean the battery contacts.
3. After long-time using in your power tools, please fully rest the batteries.
4. Before recharging the batteries, please make sure that the batteries have already coolled down.
5. For safe transportation, the batteries have not been full charged, after three cycles (full charge and full discharge for three times), the batteries can reach the best condition.
6. When your power tools are stucking and unable to run, please don’t force it to run. Otherwise excessive current will burn down the batteries. The right way is that pulling the tools back and running the tools again smoothly.

10-Pack NiMH AA 300mAh 1.2Volt Rechargeable Batteries JPLDNYHLO

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